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A Charitable and Passionate Baseball-Driven Community

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About Us

Sandlot Sloths is a collection of 5,944 hand-drawn sloths ready to play ball on the Ethereum blockchain. As a community of baseball fans, the bases are loaded to foster a home for other enthusiasts, share our love for the game through IRL experiences, and support underserved communities through our charity partner.

As a member of the Sandlot Sloths community, you have the opportunity to gain access to a number of perks.

  • IRL meetups and tickets to MLB games
  • Free merchandise
  • ETH (cryptocurrency) airdrop
  • Exclusive giveaways
  • Automatic allowlist for future drops
  • A say in how charity funds are distributed
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Sandlot Sloths
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This outlines our goals, journey and plan for Sandlot Sloths even after public mint.

1. NFT Design and Generation

The Sandlot Sloths are sliding onto the blockchain, and they’re about to hit it out of the park. Our designs feature a series of 80+ traits, and combine to create 5,944 completely unique NFTs.

2. Twitter and Discord Launch

This creative collection of NFTs is inspired by your favorite sport. If you’d like to get involved, getting your name on the Allowlist could be as simple as joining our Discord, or getting involved in the conversation on Twitter.

3. Pre-mint Giveaways

Giveaways just make any experience a little bit better, so to kick things off with a mighty swing, we’ll be giving away NFTs and Allowlist spots on our buildup to mint. This is our way of rewarding our early supporters for their vote of confidence.

4. Website Development

Want to see how it all comes together? Our website will be the center of our show, and provide you with everything you need to know about the Sandlot Sloths. As well as being informative, it’ll also act as a presentation of our purpose, and a user-friendly minting dApp.

5. Pre-sale & Public Mint

Our minting process starts with a pre-sale, made available to members of our community that have sild their way to the Allowlist. This pre-sale will last for 24 hours, offering favorable mint opportunities to our earliest supporters.

Any NFTs still available after pre-sale will be made available during the public mint.

6. Charitable Donations

We’ll be donating 20% of our mint, as well as a further 2% of secondary market royalties to a deserving charity. We’ll be supporting Reviving Baseball in Inner-Cities (RBI), as a way to provide on-brand support to a worthy cause.

RBI provides youth baseball and softball programs to underserved communities, a perfect recipient of our charitable donations.

7. Merchandise Store

Merchandise is the best way to stand out. What better way to display your allegiance to the Sandlot Sloths, and look good doing it? To encourage the rollout of our fine threads, we’ll be giving away selected items to holders of NFTs featuring certain traits.

8. Community Voting

Moving forward, we’re offering holders fractional decision making power when it comes to our charitable endeavors. As a community, you’ll be able to decide on the allocation of our funds to RBI, and what money is spent on.

9. IRL Meetups

Since we’ve brought together a community of baseball and NFT lovers, it’s the perfect reason to bring our members together in the real world. This season, we’ll enjoy MLB games in various cities across the country together - as a community.

20% of Proceeds Donated to RBI

Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) is Major League Baseball’s youth outreach program that supports youth-serving organizations providing access to baseball and/or softball league-play for their communities. RBI focuses on opportunities for youth in underserved communities, but also wants to ensure that every child has the opportunity to play. There are a wide-range of organizations that are affiliates of RBI from Major League Clubs, Minor League Clubs, Park & Recreation Departments, Boys & Girls Clubs, and other independent community organizations. Level of play and types of programming varies from organization to organization, ranging from grassroots entry-level programming, league play, competitive tournament play, and academic enrichment, allowing the organizations to provide opportunities for all.

Sandlot Sloths

Mint Your Sandlot Sloths NFT

By minting a Sandlot Sloths NFT, not only are you joining a community passionate about baseball, but you are also supporting a good cause.

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Meet The Team

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Jon Levey
Sandlot Sloths NFT
Jay Saini
Community Manager
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Jarrod Parker
Strategic Advisor

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